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How to Establish Expert Status with Attorney Marketing

Does your law firm marketing make you look like an expert?

When your prospective client is choosing between you and the other lawyers who do what you do, how will he differentiate you from them?

What makes you different?

You should establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of your clients. Many lawyers think this is difficult to do. In reality it is not.

Here are five ways to create maximum credibility and establish yourself as an expert:

Your Website

Write as often as possible, providing educational content and using an authoritative tone. The written word is powerful. It conveys maximum credibility and it can definitely showcase your expertise. If you have a blog on your website you should update it as frequently as possible. As an alternative you can post articles that your clients can download as a .pdf document.

Video is another way to establish you as an expert. We recommend that our clients post a few videos each month on a YouTube Channel as well as on their Website. The screen, whether it is a television or a computer screen, enhances your status.

Community Leadership

If you are passionate about a cause or a group or organization, I highly recommend you get involved as a leader. This will help position you as a person with expertise and authority. This is critical for attracting referral partners as well as for attracting clients. Your willingness to step up and make a difference in the community separates you from others who do what you do.


You do not have to be a media darling in order to be viewed as an expert. One of the best strategies for creating expert status is by offering educational information (background) to producers, editors, reporters and writers. This information helps them understand a story and it helps them present their viewers, listeners and readers with more accurate information. You can then accept credit as a consultant to their news organization. This will not only help enhance your standing in the community, it will make it easier for you to leverage those relationships when you want to be featured to promote your practice.


Accepting local speaking engagements is a great way to build up your expert status. Speaking engagements will also generate leads but one of the things they do really well is provide excellent word of mouth (or buzz) about you. This buzz will help enhance your status as an expert.

Write a Book

This is not as difficult as it seems. Writing a book is one of the s=best ways to establish yourself as an expert. People automatically convey authority to a book author. If you have an interest in writing a book, start with an outline of ideas. Once you have that together, write a sample chapter. When you have both of those ready, use your marketing skills to submit your manuscript to as many agents as possible. If you do not get results (or you just want this to get done quickly) there are ways to self publish a book and enjoy the same type of credibility.

Overall, being an expert is one of the keys to successful differentiation of your law firm. Marketing should help make this possible. If you would like to get a jump start on your competition, there are several other ways to do that with law firm marketing. Our firm specializes in helping lawyers get new clients quickly.

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