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How To Create Value With Law Firm Marketing

One of the most valuable aspects of law firm marketing is the ability to create a perception of value in the mind of your client. While this value will often come in their belief in your ability to improve their situation, you should also want to create a perception of value around interacting with you and the relationship between you.

In the video below I outline five ways to influence the client’s perception of value.

1). Talent: This is a unique, innate ability. For example: If you are naturally strategic and can diagnose a problem and develop a solution intuitively.

2). Experience: If you have handled a certain type of matter repeatedly throughout your career and you have become adept at handling those kinds of matters, your clients will have a higher perception of value.

3). Demand: If more people want to work with you than you can possibly handle at any given time, you will be perceived as more valuable.

4). Specialized Knowledge: If you know something nobody else knows you will be perceived as more valuable.

5). How You Make the Client Feel: This is the experience of working with you. If working with you is a positive memorable experience you will be perceived as being more valuable.

Look at each of the five ways to create value I have listed. Is it possible for you to work one of them into your law firm marketing?

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