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How Attorneys Use Legal Marketing to Get More Referrals

Everyone wants more referrals. Very few attorneys incorporate a referral system into their legal marketing plan. There are five simple steps that will help you turn your former clients into sales people who promote your law firm.

The five steps that will help you get more referrals are:

Do great work. Your clients must have a terrific experience when they work with you. You must be a good lawyer and you must provide a great experience for your clients. If your clients always receive a return phone call and they are always treated with respect, you meet the standard of good client service. If you go above and beyond and really provide outstanding service, they will talk about it. That’s when the great referrals happen.

Give referrals to others. People who give selflessly always receive more in return. This is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s law of compensation. People who give referrals to others always receive more back. Sometimes it takes a while but it always happens.

Get your referral sources into the right mindset. Tell them a story that illustrates the qualities of a great client. Help them spot the issues your typical client possesses when he comes to you for help.

Ask for the referral. Make sure people know that your law practice is accepting new clients and you value referrals. In fact, make sure you say that referrals receive the highest priority.

Keep in touch. This is probably the most important of the referral rules. If you keep in touch with your clients and referral sources, they will naturally think of you when the need arises.

Implementing a referral system within your law firm marketing plan is not something that comes naturally. It requires work. Once your system is implemented, it will deliver referrals to you over and over again.

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