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Giving Back to the Community as Part of Legal Marketing

Every legal marketing plan should contain some kind of community outreach activity. Giving back to your local community is not only good for business; it is the right thing to do. Here are the three ways you can give back.

You can give:


Volunteering to take on a leadership role in a local community organization is a substantial time commitment. Every organization needs strong people to help it flourish. If you have time set aside for legal marketing, perhaps some of that time can be spent in a leadership role with a charitable organization.


Every nonprofit is happy to have the involvement of a volunteer attorney to review documents and contracts. Your education and talent is valuable and can be a terrific asset to a local community-based charitable organization.


Everyone likes money. Charities are no different. If you find a cause that you are passionate about supporting, consider making a donation. You will feel good and it has been my experience that you are rewarded (either tangible or intangibility) at least ten times beyond what you have given.

You should never expect a quid pro quo exchange of contribution for business when donating to a charitable organization. Simply pick a cause that inspires you and give what you can. While not a direct legal marketing tactic, this act will definitely help your client attraction efforts.

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