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Getting Law Firm Marketing Done

The number one complaint from attorneys about law firm marketing is finding the time to get things done. Legal work is time consuming. If you already have a significant number of clients, fitting law firm marketing into your schedule can be difficult. One of the ways to take action on your law firm marketing plan is to use simultaneous execution. This video explains:

It is natural for us to want to break activities down into sequential steps. The trouble with thinking and acting in sequential order is that it takes three times longer than necessary to get things done. Here are a few examples:

E-News Letter Example

Let’s say your law firm marketing plan calls for sending out a weekly email news update. You can write a long educational news article (1,500 words) and break it into three parts. You then take the three parts and divide them each up into weekly emails that go out to your readers over the three week period.

Event Example

Your law firm marketing plan calls for holding an educational event for your clients. Good event planning requires an invitation sequence (you send out multiple invitations over time), planning the content and a structured follow-up sequence after the event is over.

Most people would plan each of these independently and in sequential order – planning the invitation sequence first, the content second and the follow-up after the event last. You should plan each of these simultaneously – perhaps assigning each portion of the event to a different person. This allows you to get the marketing event planned three times as quick.

Blogging Example

Your law firm marketing plan requires you to post five new articles on your blog each week. Each blog post should be about 250 to 300 words long. You pick a topic for each day in a particular month and you write 900 words about that topic. You spread those blog posts over three weeks. In this particular month, Monday’s post each week is about a specific topic, Tuesday’s is about a different specific topic, etc.

Simultaneous execution is a great way to get things in your law firm marketing plan doen, especially if you don’t have extra time.

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