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Five Ways to Use Testimonials in Legal Marketing

The rules governing the use of testimonials in legal marketing vary from state to state. Some states do not restrict the use of testimonials, others are highly restrictive. The video below offers five different ways lawyers can use testimonials in legal marketing and be compliant in most states.

A word of caution: It is up to you to review the rules that pertain to your specific location before you implement the ideas contained in this video.

Here are the five ways we discuss in the video:

1.) Use the testimonials on your website behind an email opt-in
2.) Add testimonials to any free reports or white papers you write
3.) Include testimonials to a new client orientation kit
4.) Add testimonials to your newsletter
5.) Include the reading of a testimonial in a speech introduction

Testimonials are the most powerful form of marketing available. Use them as much as is legally possible in your legal marketing.

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