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Five Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

Most lawyers do not give business strategy even a single thought when go into private practice. Law firm marketing involves business strategy and execution. Like it or not, your law firm is a business. You are either following your own plan or you are at the mercy of the market. Law firm marketing helps drive clients to your doorstep. But there is a good chance that even if you work on your law firm marketing, you are doing it wrong.

Do you make these five deadly law firm marketing mistakes?

Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistake 1: Employing on Only One Law Firm Marketing Method

Most lawyers find one way to get a client and then they continue to use that method to the exclusion of everything else. You should definitely stick with something that works but you should also find a dozen or more other things that work for your law firm.
Law Firm marketing diversity is critical to your success. If you want to grow your law firm you need to have several different marketing methods at work simultaneously.

Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistake 2: Billing by the Hour

This is the law firm marketing mistake that is the most controversial. Lawyers are constantly hammering home the point that they are professionals. They say that they are a held to a higher standard than others in the workforce. Yet they set their own compensation in the same manner that a ditch digger or a dish washer is compensated – by the hour.

This deadly mistake not only limits the amount of compensation you can receive, it is not aligned with the best interest of the client. That is how it affects your law firm marketing. You spend lots of time, money and energy building up trust with your client and then hourly billing puts your interest at odds with theirs.

Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistake 3: Not Focusing on a Clear Competitive Advantage

Why should a client hire your instead of any other lawyer? You must be able to provide a clear, distinct, client-focused answer to this question. If you cannot, you do not have a competitive advantage.

Most lawyers say the same thing when this question is put to them. They talk about fighting for the rights of their clients or the years of experience and education they possess or their awards and accolades. These things are easily replicable. You need to truly have some kind of a unique advantage that will resonate with your client.

Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistake 4: Doing All the Work

If you do all the legal work yourself you have made a conscious decision to limit your income. There is only one of you and only 24 hours in a day. You will eventually hit a wall.

Set your law firm up for success. You must begin with a thought toward expansion and growth. If you don’t think about the future you will be stuck in a rut at some point. The vicious circle of working hundreds of hours each month and capping your income will trap you.

Deadly Law Firm Marketing Mistake 5: Trying to be Everything to Everyone

The lawyer who tries to handle all issues can do none of them well. The most successful marketing strategy you can employ is to focus on one specific market niche and dominate it. If you do this you will be able to command a fee premium and you will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Just about every lawyer makes these five law firm marketing mistakes. If you want to grow your practice and you want to do it now, changing these horrible business practices is a good start. If you need help, you can call me, Dave Lorenzo, 888.692.5531.

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