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Educating Clients with Legal Marketing

Credibility is a critical factor in legal marketing. If you would like to build your credibility with your clients and prospective clients, one of the best things you can do is educate them. This education must be done in a careful and tactful way.

Educational marketing and legal marketing are one-in-the-same. Here’s why:

Your client must know and understand the depth of the problem. If the client has no idea about the seriousness of the issue he has no incentive to solve it. A good lawyer will help educate the prospect on exactly how bad things are now and how bad they can get. The first piece of the legal education is in helping the client understand that there is a problem.

Your client must understand why he needs a lawyer to solve the problem. These days, there are a lot of options to hiring a lawyer. Legal marketing is not just about getting the client to agree there is a problem; it is also about getting them to agree they need a lawyer.

Once the client understands he has a problem, and he needs a lawyer to solve his problem the final step is to get him to agree he needs to select you as his lawyer. Most people lead with this step. This is wrong. This is the final piece of the equation (when it comes to legal marketing).

As you can probably tell, educating your clients through legal marketing is a multi-step process. In order to get to the point where the client views you as the best possible option, you must first educate him.

This video explains.

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