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Consistency is Critical in Law Firm Marketing

This short and simple video highlights the need for consistency in law firm marketing. Consistency leads to predictability and reliability.

Clients want a sense of security in dealing with an attorney. They want to feel the attorney is good at his job. This sense of competence starts with the way you present yourself and your services. If you provide a newsletter every month, consistently, clients will feel that your law firm is stable. If you consistently arrive early for meetings, clients will consistently have the feeling you value your time and their time. If you consistently follow up your meetings with email recaps of the conversation, clients will think you are diligent.

If you do any of the above things inconsistently, you will destroy the goodwill you have developed with your clients.

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing something right is better than just doing something. Doing something right consistently is the key to success.

Clients want the sense of security and stability that comes with consistency. Your law firm marketing must be consistent with your image. This consistency builds loyalty.

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