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Confidence Breeds Success in Legal Marketing

How do you feel when you meet with a new client? Do you look forward to sitting down with them and discussing their matter? Do you feel as though you can improve the condition of every client you sign? Most of your success is determined by the valuable real estate between your ears. This video describes how confidence can influence legal marketing.

Being confident is important in all aspects of life. This is particularly true of legal marketing. Being confident in your ability will help you walk away from bad clients. It will help you command higher fees and it will help you aggressively focus on legal marketing.

Here are three quick exercises you can do to help improve your confidence in advance of a client meeting:

Imagine a successful outcome. Play a mental movie in your head of how the client meeting will go. Watch yourself quoting the fee and see the client shake your hand and sign on the dotted line. Imagine a big smile on the client’s face as he writes you the check. He is smiling because you have provided him with great piece of mind and he trusts you implicitly.

This sounds a little hokey but it works. Your mind cannot discern between imagination and reality. This mental movie is training your mind for success. Once this training seeps into your subconscious, you be less likely to sabotage your next potential big fee matter. You will also feel good when you receive the fee.

Focus on the value you are providing to the client. If you are closing a deal for a client worth ten million dollars and you are charging just twenty thousand to make the deal happen, isn’t that a bargain? If you are helping a client get rid of her cheating spouse, isn’t that priceless? If you are keeping a foreign national with his family in the United States, isn’t that worth a huge sum of money?

What other people charge is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the value you are providing to the client. If this client walks away because of the fee, they were not the right client for you.

Believe that you have earned the right to be here. You do not need to pay your dues any longer. You have earned the right to high fees and great clients. Feel comfortable in that and you will have all the confidence in the world.

The most powerful aspect of any legal marketing plan is the confidence the attorney has in his ability. If you are confident, you are unstoppable.

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