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Communications Style and Law Firm Marketing

The message you are trying to deliver to your target audience is critical in law firm marketing. There are many different ways to communicate your message. In this video, we discuss four effective ways to communicate with your clients and prospective clients.

A conversational style is effective for building a relationship with your reader/viewer. If your goal is to develop a long term bond with the members of your audience I highly recommend this informal approach. My clients who use this approach often tell stories about people walking into their office and hugging them as if they have known them all of their lives. Of course, they have just met but the client has been reading the lawyer’s newsletter for a couple of years and feels a connection to him. Good law firm marketing can create that kind of a relationship with the conversational style.

Using a list as a communications tool is a highly effective stylistic choice. It is educational and informative and easy to mentally digest. A good list can often be the most popular article on a blog. I have been known to post a list of two right here on this website. Using lists is an effective law firm marketing communications tool for getting your point across in a nonthreatening way.

The Op Ed style is also effective but more formal. This style gets its name from the Op Ed page in the newspaper. An Op Ed page is the page opposite the editorial page and it often contains professional, well researched, fact-based articles. This is used when righting a more scholarly article or white paper. An op ed style article appears impressive but it will often lack the personal connection of the conversational style.

When you want someone to do something you should use the promotional style. This is a benefit rich, sales pitch for your idea. In this particular style of communication you always finish with a call to action. This means you create urgency and give people several reasons and ways to contact you.

All four of these styles are highly effective. You will undoubtedly have a need to employ all of them at some point. Make yourself familiar with all of the styles and be certain you match the style to the audience. This choice is critical to the success of your law firm marketing.

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