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One of the problems with making a resolution for the new year is sticking with them. This is particularly true when the resolutions involve law firm marketing.

In this video conversation we discuss how to stick with those pesky New Year’s Resolutions and goals for longer than the next 30 days.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

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If you have your sights set on making a great living and living a great life as a lawyer, it’s likely there are market place barriers standing in your way. However, the mental barriers holding you back may be just as strong, if not stronger. Most attorneys underestimate the power these mental barriers can have over your ability to develop new business.

Here are the four most common mental barriers attorneys face when it comes to law firm marketing:

Developing a Marketing Mindset: Learning how to self promote and sell your services is difficult enough. When you add the stogy old school culture that decries “just be a good lawyer and the clients will come” you have the recipe for a mindset that will lead to business prevention instead of business development.

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Your attitude can have a huge impact on client selection. When it comes to attorney marketing, attitude is everything. This video describes how an attitude adjustment on your part can lead to financial gain.

Your attitude is a big part of attorney marketing. If you have confidence you can increase your profitability and improve your cash flow.

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Have you ever wondered how to instantly get someone to like you? Building rapport is critical to success in a face-to-face meeting. This short video describes how you can instantly build rapport with your prospective client.

You can also use the technique described in this video to disarm your client and get him to open up and answer any questions you may have. Bonding and rapport are two essential elements to legal marketing. Try this technique at your next meeting.

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When it comes to law firm marketing being persistent always pays off. I am not talking about being annoying. I am talking about persistently keeping in touch with your perspective clients in a way that educates, informs and entertains them. This video offers some guidance.

How persistent are you with your law firm marketing? Do you keep in touch with everyone you meet? Do you follow up with discipline? Add some persistence to your law firm marketing plan today. It will pay big dividends down the road.

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One of the constant battles in law firm marketing is the myth that lawyers do not sell. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Lawyers sell their ideas to their clients. They sell to judges and juries. They sell during a negotiation. Selling is simply persuading someone to take action. This video provides more detail.

Law Firm Marketing and sales are not the same thing. Law firm marketing helps to bring prequalified, presold clients to your doorstep. You must get them to take the action of hiring you. Inviting them to take that action is what sales is all about.

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How do you feel when you meet with a new client? Do you look forward to sitting down with them and discussing their matter? Do you feel as though you can improve the condition of every client you sign? Most of your success is determined by the valuable real estate between your ears. This video describes how confidence can influence legal marketing.


Being confident is important in all aspects of life. This is particularly true of legal marketing. Being confident in your ability will help you walk away from bad clients. It will help you command higher fees and it will help you aggressively focus on legal marketing.

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