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Law firm marketing must clearly differentiate you and your law firm from everyone else who does what you do. Most lawyers are concerned with what everyone else is doing. Most lawyers are scared to do something out of the ordinary. This hurts their ability to attract new business to their law firm.

What a lawyer says that something is “Not normally done that way”.

I respond with: “What does the word normal mean to you?”

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There is one big lie that a handful of people perpetuate about law firm marketing. This is the mentality that if you are a good lawyer law firm marketing is not necessary. I hear this all the time. People say: “Just be a good lawyer and word will get out.” That is simply not true. There are thousands of good lawyers in the United States today who are broke.

Whether you like it or not, the law is a business. If you do not have a marketing effort your business will fail. That is a fact. It is certain.

The law is also a profession. This means you cannot market your business in the same way other businesses market. You have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the profession while you aggressively look to grow you business.

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Brochures are bad for law firm marketing for three specific reasons:

1). Most often brochures are about you and your law firm. They are not about the client and his needs. Any time you talk about yourself or your firm with a client, you lose. The client’s issue is always the most important thing on the clients mind. Every piece of your law firm marketing should be focused on the client’s needs.

2). Brochures do not sell. A brochure looks good but like a dim model on the runway, it is all looks and no substance. Your law firm marketing material must work hard for you. If it doesn’t it is worthless. Before you convince the client you are the right attorney for them you must first convince them they need to solve their problem. This means you need to create urgency. Usually, a brochure has no urgency associated with it. It is simply a good looking piece of four color paper folded over.

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Why do people choose you over every other attorney? Your legal marketing should help you develop a powerfully effective personal brand. It should differentiate you from the competition. This video explains.

You want to be the “name brand” lawyer and your legal marketing should help make that happen for you. Focus your legal marketing and use it to enhance your image and your personal brand.

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Lawyers who command high fees are never perceived as lawyers. You read that correctly. Their clients view them as Trusted Advisors. Being a Trusted Advisor means that a client never makes a move without consulting you. Those consultations have value. People pay for things that have value. How do you get to that point? Legal marketing helps you get there. Specifically a part of your legal marketing plan called POSITIONING. What is positioning? This video scratches the surface.


Everything you do that a client or a prospective client will see has an impact on your positioning. Positioning is the place you hold in the mind of your client. It is how your client perceives you.

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Clients may write their checks to law firms but they hire lawyers. What they see when the meet you is your personal brand. In legal marketing your personal brand is your character. You can improve your standing in the eyes of your client if you admit when you are wrong. This is a hidden secret of legal marketing.


I know this is not something you include in your legal marketing plan. This is not something that you advertise. This is not something you are going to talk about at cocktail parties. But IT IS something your clients will talk about. It does speak volumes about your character. It definitely helps define who you are in the eyes of your client.

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