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If you want to grow your law firm you must spend a good portion of your time working on legal marketing.

The challenge comes in managing the time and money you spend on legal marketing.

There are two things that can help you manage these precious resources and use them efficiently and effectively.

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At last count there were 15 people promoting themselves as attorney marketing experts who were lawyers at one time or are currently lawyers. Some of these folks offer marketing advice on a part time basis and some of them have quit the practice of law altogether.

The recession has these faux marketers coming out of the woodwork. Legal work drying up? Go become a law firm marketing expert. Can’t hack it as a lawyer? Teach other lawyers how to get clients.

These people look for unsuspecting lawyers, mostly in small or solo law firms, and they con them into forking over their hard earned money for attendance at a few events each year and some conference calls.

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One of the things most lawyers miss when they look to engage a new client is the thing that should be most obvious. Although it is one of the key tenants in marketing for lawyers, most attorneys do not do an adequate job creating urgency.

The client needs to feel urgency to hire a lawyer, preferably the lawyer in front of him. There is only one way to do this: Sell the pain.

The client must fully comprehend how bad things can get. The client must realize that the worst case scenario is not only possible; it is probable if they do not act quickly. The client must FEEL the danger of not making a decision.

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One of the topics that comes up most frequently among my clients is securing speaking engagements. Many attorneys want them but few know how to secure them. Here is a sure-fire process you can use to secure as many speaking engagements as you can handle.

Step one: View This As a Marketing Process

Securing a speaking engagement is not easy. You have to put forth significant effort in order to make certain you are on the top of the list to be selected. As part of a marketing plan, you must have a message targeted at the right market delivered via the right media. The steps that follow will help you do that.

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The title of this article is a popular search term for people who find this website. Since you may have been searching for this exact topic I decided to give you a brief crash course on how to get clients as a lawyer. Keep in mind this is simplistic and brief (given the fact that this is an article on a blog and not a course in marketing). But my desire is to give you’re a few actionable steps that will help you find your way in the world of law firm marketing.

One of the most important points I make when people ask me how to find clients as a lawyer is to help them face reality. By that I mean that nobody cares about your background or your experience or your fancy office until they know that you can solve their problem. That is a huge lesson for many attorneys.

Most lawyers will lead a business development conversation with their qualifications and their background and that is certain to turn any client or prospective client off. Instead, you should take a consultative approach and understand the needs and the desires of the client. This will not only help you build a relationship with him, it will also help you tailor your approach when it comes time to offer your services.

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There are a number of lawyers out there who supplement their income by working part time as law firm marketing experts (like Tupperware salespeople). There are also lawyers out there who couldn’t cut it as lawyers and now profess to be experts at law firm marketing. Finally, there are retired lawyers who are teaching lawyers about marketing as a way to supplement their income.

No matter what they call themselves, you need to do careful due diligence on ANY law firm marketing expert before you hire him. You need to be particularly wary of anyone who gave up a career working in The Law and now professes to be an expert. How can they teach you to do what they were unable to accomplish.

This video provides you with five questions to ask before you engage a former/current/part time lawyer to help you with law firm marketing.

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Many lawyers experience peaks and valleys in income during their career. During the times when they have business they do not do any marketing and when they have few clients they obsess over their legal marketing initiatives.

The key to consistently keeping your law firm fully stocked with good clients and great matters is to have several legal marketing systems. These systems work for you when you are busy focusing on the practice of law.

We just released a new FAST START System designed to help attorneys get you off and running quickly, even if you have never done any legal marketing. The system is affordable and best of all it is guaranteed. If you do not like it, you can return it ANYTIME. That’s right. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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