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A big challenge I hear from lawyers about legal marketing is finding the time to focus on client attraction.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so much more productive than other people?

We all have the same 24 hour day to work with yet some people get more things done in 24 hours than others.

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Law firm marketing is often made more difficult by impending events. The Fourth of July holiday week in The United States is a difficult time to get in touch with anyone. This time of year, the Christmas/Holiday Season and the end of the calendar year is also a difficult time to try to coordinate law firm marketing activity.

So what are you supposed to do when you can’t get in touch with anyone?

We have a few ideas. This video describes five things you can do during the “Slacker Season”.

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Nobody has any time for attorney marketing. This is partially because attorneys regularly confuse the concepts of client service and time management.

In your law firm you control your own schedule. you may have deadlines and you may have meetings that you need to attend, but when it comes to scheduling your personal time, you are the boss. This is a fact. Yet I see attorneys get bullied into taking meetings with clients at inconvenient times or in locations that require them to give up hours of time in order to travel to and from the meeting.

In this technologically advanced world, there is little reason a meeting should be inconvenient for anyone. Meetings handled via video conference, telephone or webinar are just as effective (in some cases more effective) as meetings that are held in person. You should never need to go to an extreme location to attend a meeting (beyond the initial introduction).

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Sometimes attorney marketing is about managing client expectations. This is particularly true when you have to manage a difficult client. But more often than not, the reason a client is difficult is because you have allowed them to become difficult.

Think of it this way:

If you managed client expectations correctly, most difficult clients will be pussycats.

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I have a favorite word when it comes to marketing for lawyers. Actually this word applies to practice management and business strategy as well as law firm marketing.

The word is: NO

The reason I love this word is because it is empowering. It helps you realize that you control your own destiny.

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Most attorneys have an obsession over hours. They are concerned about the hours they bill. They are concerned about their hourly rate. They are concerned about the number of hours they spend in the office each day. With this obsession over hours, you would think it would naturally carry through to their marketing.

Think about it. You attend a networking event with no objective and no expectation of results. You spend hours working on getting the color of your brochures correct. You spend hours and hours working on your biography.

You have spent all of this time on marketing and you have no direct results to show for your efforts. This video will help emphasize the point.

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The biggest enemy of effective legal marketing is a lack of time. Time management is more about habits than it is about management. One of the bad habits you should immediately break is the habit of answering a ringing phone. You read that correctly. Answering the phone will definitely hurt your productivity. This video goes into detail.

Answering your phone does not make you more attractive to a client or prospective client. It makes you look desperate and unprepared. That is bad legal marketing. Do yourself a favor: Have someone take messages for you and schedule your return phone calls. You will be glad you did.

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Is it possible that law firm marketing can help you have more free time? Yes. It is not only possible it is a reality. If you have great law firm marketing systems that deliver qualified clients to your doorstep, you will be able to pick and choose which clients you want to work with. You will also be able to command a fee premium. This means you will need less clients to make more money. There’s more in this video:

If you like working less and making more money, you should develop mastery of legal marketing.

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Every lawyer and law firm needs legal marketing systems in order to be successful over the long term. Systems protect you from being overwhelmed by the day-to-day kayos of running a law firm. Marketing systems help drive clients to your door even while you are buried in your current legal work. This video details three kinds of systems every attorney should include in his legal marketing.


Lead Generation System

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The toughest challenge for most law firms and attorneys is finding time for marketing. One of the best kept secrets is that time management is all about knowing when to say “NO”. This video lists five things you should ALWAYS say “NO” to when you need to make more time for law firm marketing.


Always say no to:

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