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Many attorneys tell me that direct mail doesn’t work for legal marketing. I believe this is true FOR THOSE ATTORNEYS. However there is a way to ethically use direct mail to enhance your legal marketing plan.

This process is called a reciprocal mailing strategy.

Here is a summary of how a reciprocal mailing strategy works:

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This is one of the attorney marketing questions I hear most frequently. People want to know how often they should write something on their blog. Naturally, I respond with a question:

How often do you speak with your best friend?

The idea behind a blog is relationship development. You are writing not only to educate but also to develop a rapport with your reader. When people like you, they want to hear from you more often.

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There is nothing sexier than having a good sequence mailing as part of your legal marketing plan. Yes. I am serious.

Very few lawyers are using direct mail these days. Some places in the United States, direct mail for lawyers is highly regulated. But even in the states where you can mail anything to anyone at any time, most lawyers are not using direct mail.

The reason for this is simple. They have not been able to make direct mail work for legal marketing. Notice the choice of language. I said THEY have not been able to make direct mail work. Our clients, one the other hand, know how to make direct mail work and work well.

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How do you keep coming up with original content for your writing? That is a question people always ask me. One of the law firm marketing methods I advocate is a follow-up system that includes a lot of writing. Frequent blog posts, weekly email and monthly newsletters all involve writing a lot of content. Too often people cannot find things to write about.

Writing and law firm marketing go hand-in-hand. I encourage you to think creatively and keep the new content coming. Your client list will grow as a result.

This video offers three ways to get the creative juices flowing.

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If you dare to make your legal marketing great you must make an emotional connection with your clients and prospective clients. Great legal marketing is all about building a relationship, with people who need the service you provide.

If you want to take your law firm to the next level you must get emotional with you marketing. Great legal marketing is about helping your client believe you feel his pain. Make that emotional connection and you will never have a shortage of clients.

This video reveals the three ways to make an emotional connection with your prospective clients.

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Humans take action for two specific reasons: To experience pleasure and to avoid pain. This is particularly relevant in legal marketing. Your clients will seek you out if for the same reasons.

If you want to motivate clients to work with you, you must include one of these two motivational factors in your marketing. You must get the client to link your services with the avoidance of pain or of a pleasurable experience.

This video explains.

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Have you ever had a tough time deciding what to write about on your blog?

Selecting blog topics doesn’t need to be difficult. It just needs to happen. Follow the law firm marketing guidance outlined by law firm marketing expert Dave Lorenzo and you will never be at a loss for words.

This law firm marketing video may be exactly the kind of thing you have been waiting for.

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Special reports can be a valuable tool in your law firm marketing plan. Many lawyers think writing a special report will take too much time.

Here are eight steps outlined in a video below. Be sure to watch the video for the details:

Law Firm Marketing Special Report Step 1: Go through things you have written in the last six months and select appropriate content.

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