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You can improve your email newsletter performance easily and quickly by fixing your email subject line. This is something that most attorneys never give any thought to. In fact, most attorneys are not even sending out an email newsletter at all. But if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are either sending out an email newsletter or thinking about sending out an email newsletter.

The way to get your email newsletter opened is to make sure your email subject line does one of four things:

  • Attracts Attention
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One of the things I constantly hear from lawyers is that they do not have any time to write, edit and mail a monthly print newsletter. They tell me how busy they are and they lament about the amount of time they spend working on client matters and, in the same breath, complain that they do not have enough work. That is when I know something is fishy.

Both Cannot Be True

If you do not have time to write two brief articles each month, how can you possibly need more client work? The two things should be mutually exclusive, unless….

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One of the most important aspects of a law firm marketing plan is a newsletter. Some law firms send out a physical print newsletter while others send out and electronic newsletter. This video discusses the three key components of a law firm newsletter.


The three key components of your law firm newsletter are: Topic, Tone and Timing