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Most lawyers do not give business strategy even a single thought when go into private practice. Law firm marketing involves business strategy and execution. Like it or not, your law firm is a business. You are either following your own plan or you are at the mercy of the market. Law firm marketing helps drive clients to your doorstep. But there is a good chance that even if you work on your law firm marketing, you are doing it wrong.

Do you make these five deadly law firm marketing mistakes?


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If you are a lawyer making $250,000 or more and you are ready to take your law firm to the next level you should hire law firm marketing expert Dave Lorenzo. Law firm marketing is complicated. It requires specialized knowledge. You spent significant money and time on law school but they did not teach you the most critical aspect of being a law firm owner: How to get clients as a lawyer.

Law firm marketing requires knowledge of psychology, persuasive writing, speaking skills, math, statistics, and the ability to educate. Most people are not born with this ability. Dave Lorenzo works with his clients to develop these skills.

Law firm marketing expert Dave Lorenzo has a specific process in place for non-client communication. This process is outlined in this video.

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People always ask me how they get started writing their legal marketing plan. Well, before you start writing, you should do two things: 1) Watch this video. 2) Ask yourself the four questions below.


Here are the four questions you should ask yourself before you begin your legal marketing plan:

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Every piece of law firm marketing should always have an offer. This means that in every ad, in every direct mail letter, on every website and in every law firm marketing email, you must have a call to action. This video explains.


A call to action is simply a phrase or a paragraph that tells the reader or viewer what to do, when to do it and why they should do it.