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What would your legal marketing be like if you had a group of ten powerful people exclusively promoting your services? Tell the truth. This would put your legal marketing on the fast track. Everything you did would include the added bonus of the business that came from these power players. In this video we discuss how to start-up a group like this. Hold on to your seat because this is no ordinary networking group. 

Any form of networking is good for your law firm. Creating a power team is probably one of the best ways to shave years off of the time it would take to penetrate the high end of the market in your community. Take a few minutes and get on the phone now and round up a few people to get this process started.

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Strategic alliances are used often in the business world. They are highly effective for controlled growth and business development. In law firm marketing, strategic alliances are not regularly discussed or implemented.

Even a small law firm can benefit from setting up a strategic alliance. If you have not given this any thought, take a few minutes now and make a list of other professional service providers you could work with to develop this kind of relationship.

This brief video highlights some of the ways a strategic alliance could be set up in a law firm.

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A good way to approach a new client about doing legal work is to offer to audit their legal documents for them. Most companies have not had their legal documents reviewed by an independent third party. A good call to action in any legal marketing campaign can and should include offering to conduct a legal document review for your prospective client. This video describes how to set this up.

Add a legal document audit to your legal marketing plan today. It is a great way to begin a relationship and it will definitely be helpful to the client.

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What is your law firm marketing secret weapon? Here is a hint: It rhymes with cruseletter…


Seriously, if you want to increase your referrals and grow your law firm, marketing with a newsletter is a great option. Create great content and distribute it every month. In six months something amazing will happen. Your referrals will start to gradually increase.

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One great idea can make all the difference in law firm marketing. Most attorneys do not have a great deal of time to dedicate to idea incubation so they resort to the same old law firm marketing tactics. Networking, having lunch with colleagues, attending chamber of commerce events and occasionally speaking to a local group. These law firm marketing tactics are important but so is coming up with something new and exciting. This video will help you create your own group of creative professionals to stimulate your thinking.

If you have ever been stuck and needed a jumpstart in your thinking you could have used a mastermind group. These are easy to form and they have a huge impact on your law firm growth. If you don’t have the time to set one up yourself, we can help. Give us a call today. 888.692.5531

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If you want better on-line recognition you should start issuing monthly press releases. Great legal marketing has always included the strategic use of the media to distribute your message but there is a new use for a tired old staple. I am referring to the press release. Most reporters ignore them but they do have some value in legal marketing. This video explains.


Distributing one press release each month can help boost your website’s placement in search engines like Google. Distributing a key word rich document that links back to your website is excellent for search engine optimization.

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Speaking at events is a great way to generate leads for your law firm. Marketing a law firm is easier if you are positioned as an expert. That positioning can come from giving a keynote speech at an industry event.

What do you do if you can’t get a keynote speech at an industry event?

This video describes how you can host your own industry event, position yourself as an expert, and generate lots of leads.

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There are many people out there who are just not qualified to give you advice on legal marketing. Many of them read a book on marketing or took a weekend seminar or attended a “Bootcamp” and that is the extent of their experience.

This video highlights three particular types of people you should RUN AWAY from when seeking marketing advice. Watch it BEFORE you waste any of your hard earned dollars.


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There are few law firm marketing strategies that can have as significant an impact as becoming a published author. Writing a book and having it published will impact your credibility and your visibility, and it clearly differentiates you from everyone else in your field. This video explains.


Publishing a book also helps in the following ways: