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Do you want to destroy your competitors or are you a person who believes that everyone should just peacefully coexist and enjoy the abundance the world has to offer?

If your interests conflict with the interests of someone else, that person is not your friend. That person does not deserve your amity, your assistance or your support. That person needs to find something else to do and you need to help him achieve that objective.

If someone shows you, either through their words or their actions, that they want to take food from the mouths of your children, they must be defeated. Period. End of story.

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If you are an attorney marketing your law firm you must be courageous if you want to be effective. Effective marketing makes you look sound and feel different than every other law firm.

Differentiation is the name of the game when it comes to attorney marketing. But being different will often mean that you will get ridiculed by your peers. Perusing an unusual marketing strategy will help you land new clients but you must have the courage to take the first few steps.

Standing out from the crowd is tough as this video explains.

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Believe it or not some people are afraid of legal marketing. Well, they are actually afraid to implement some of the legal marketing strategies we share with them. There are three reasons why many attorneys are hesitant about legal marketing.

Fear should never get in your way especially when it comes to legal marketing. If you want to grow your law firm, take action now to overcome your fear.

We discuss those fears and how to overcome them in this video.

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Many lawyers are apprehensive about using testimonials in legal marketing. While it makes sense to check with the local state bar on their use, almost every state will allow them to be included with requested information.

Remember to always check with your state bar on the use of testimonials. They are the most powerful and effective form of legal marketing and you definitely need to include them in your marketing plan.

This video describes a specific strategy for the use of testimonials in legal marketing.

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If that title doesn’t grab your attention I don’t know what will. In reality, law firm marketing is like sex in SOME ways. This video goes into detail.

The bottom line on the comparison between law firm marketing and sex is that you have to implement new things multiple times in order to accurately judge their effectiveness. You never want to do it just one time.

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It has been a month since I posted a Law Firm Marketing Video on this site. The reason for the hiatus was our office move (which turned out to be more complicated than I originally thought). But now I am back and effective today you can expect a new law firm marketing video every weekday from this point forward. My renewed focus has inspired me to share some thoughts on getting law firm marketing back on track with you. That is exactly what I describe in the video below.

With the fast pace of life and a law practice it is easy for your focus to wander away from law firm marketing. If you follow the steps outlined above you will definitely be able to get back on track quickly. The key is to dive right in with a renewed sense of urgency.

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If you hate your clients, don’t blame them, blame your law firm marketing. In case you have not noticed you get to choose who you work with. Law firm marketing gives you the opportunity to pick from many different clients. Of course you should have some criteria.

If you want a greater choice in clients you probably need better marketing. And the next time a client gets under your skin, remember, you picked ’em!

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Everybody has to eat. Just as eating is essential for survival, legal marketing is essential for law firm survival. One of the main complaints from lawyers is that they just don’t have time to focus on legal marketing. This video describes how you can turn your lunchtime into legal marketing time.


Although it sounds ridiculously simple, it is remarkably effective. Eat lunch with a prospective client or referral source every day. That will give you five productive marketing meetings each week and new clients will come from this practice.

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Many people believe that time is money. This old adage may be true for law firms that bill by the hour but even they can’t argue with the value of relationships. In law firm marketing, relationships are EVERYTHING. Clients come to you in many ways but few are as valuable as the clients who come as referrals. This video explains.

If you want to take your law firm to the next level, shift your mindset from “time is money” to “relationships are money”. It will not only give you clarity in your law firm marketing, it will help you prioritize your day.