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One of the most important aspects of a law firm marketing plan is a newsletter. Some law firms send out a physical print newsletter while others send out and electronic newsletter. This video discusses the three key components of a law firm newsletter.


The three key components of your law firm newsletter are: Topic, Tone and Timing

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Have you ever wondered why a client chose another lawyer to handle their matter? Maybe they picked someone whose background and qualifications were not as impressive as yours. Maybe they picked someone who you believed did not provide the same value as your law firm. Selecting a lawyer is an emotional decision for a client. Your law firm marketing plan must include an appeal to the client’s emotions. The video below explains this in more detail.


Each of us has the freedom to select the food we eat. How come we don’t always pick the food that is the most nutritious? We don’t sit down and make a list of the positive and negative elements of a meal. We don’t examine the vitamin and mineral content of our food. We don’t consider the long term consequences of our dietary choices.

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One of the questions I am asked most frequently is: How often should an attorney marketing his firm communicate with his clients? This video answers that critical attorney marketing question and a few others.


Frequency of communication builds trust. You cannot over communicate AS LONG AS what you have to say is interesting to your audience (in this case clients or prospective clients). Most often, I am asked about frequency of communication in attorney marketing as it relates to: Blog posting, email messages and newsletters. Here are my thoughts on best practices for each attorney marketing method: