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If you want to attract more clients as a lawyer you need to keep you communications messages simple. Do not try to dazzle people with your brilliant command of big words. Make sure you are easy to understand.

Really intelligent people can break difficult concepts down into easy to understand messages. You should strive to master that skill.

If you make things easy to understand, you will get hired more often.

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was more focused on their Blackberry or iPhone than they were on you?

Your clients have had this experience…with you!

If someone has taken the time to come to a meeting with you alone or with you and a group of people, you owe it to them to “be in the room” which means, well, watch this video:

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We have enlisted the help of Video Master Gerry Oginski to help lawyers learn how to shoot video. Gerry gives you a terrific overview on how to set up a video shot that will look great and engage the audience.

This is the perfect starter video for the lawyer who wants to get started with video but doesn’t know how to begin.

I encourage everyone to visit to learn more. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you must give Gerry a call. He has everything from one stop solutions to a distance learning program that will help even the novice attract clients with ease. His phone number is: 516-487-8207  

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In case you have not noticed, video is a very big deal on line. Youtube is the second most popular search engine on the planet and video results are regularly appearing on the first page of Google universal search.

If you have not found a way to leverage video as part of your law firm marketing plan, you better get with it. There is still time to use on line video as a competitive advantage for your law firm but you need to hurry.

In case you still have doubt about what video can do for your law firm marketing, take a look at these five benefits:

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There are few things more important to law firm marketing than follow up. Most of the clients you will attract will come to you from your follow up systems. Today we are going to talk about the basic elements of any follow up system in your law firm marketing plan.

There are five critical elements to any type of follow up community. These elements must all be present in order to effectively convey your message. Below are each of these elements with a brief description.

Frequency of Communication

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There are three things that must be included in any law firm marketing campaign. These three things are critical to success.

The three things that must be included in any law firm marketing campaign are:

The WIFM: This acronym stands for: What’s In It For Me. If course this is from the perspective of the client. All marketing campaigns must be designed with the client’s interest in mind. If you are not approaching marketing from the client’s point of view you are making the mistake that dooms most marketing to failure.

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Credibility is a critical factor in legal marketing. If you would like to build your credibility with your clients and prospective clients, one of the best things you can do is educate them. This education must be done in a careful and tactful way.

Educational marketing and legal marketing are one-in-the-same. Here’s why:

Your client must know and understand the depth of the problem. If the client has no idea about the seriousness of the issue he has no incentive to solve it. A good lawyer will help educate the prospect on exactly how bad things are now and how bad they can get. The first piece of the legal education is in helping the client understand that there is a problem.

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Every attorney should have some form of follow-up contact with people they meet. Email is one of the ways my clients educate their prospective clients. Implementing a follow-up system that uses email marketing is a good idea. This video explains why.


There are three significant benefits to email marketing for lawyers. They are:

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