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Where do your best new clients come from?

If you are like most of the lawyers I know, your best clients come from referrals. Any time someone says nice things about you and takes the time to make a personal introduction to a prospective client, the relationship is going to be off to a good start.

Do you receive as many referrals as you should?

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There are three types of people who will refer prospective clients to your law firm. All of them are important and all can be extremely valuable.

The first type of person is someone who is a center of influence. This means they are respected within a particular group or community, they offer advice to people in need and where they lead, others follow. These people are critically important to lawyers in consumer based practices. A person who is a center of influence has the potential to refer dozens of cases to you. These people have deep relationships.

The second type of person is a friend, family member or someone you met in a social situation. These people fit into what is called your natural network. This means they are generally not people who understand what you do for a living and many times they think they have knowledge of the law because they have seen it on television.

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Attorneys covet referrals. If you want to get more referrals as a result of your attorney marketing you need to build a strong network of friends, clients, prospects, and evangelists who will encourage others to work with you. This video provides attorneys with three ways to build up a strong network of advocates who will recommend their services.

Growing your network is essential to the success of attorney marketing. If you want more clients and/or better clients you need to spend some time growing and developing a network of people who will refer business to you.

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There is a little used legal marketing strategy that can help you grow your law firm fast. This strategy is setting up your own referral network. This legal marketing video explains how powerful this can be.


Creating your own referral network allows you to aggressively contact lawyers in practices that do not compete with you and ask them to refer you business. It also provides you with outstanding resources for your clients. Investing in setting up a network like this will always provide a significant return.

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There is a technique that my clients use to help them get more referrals. It works like a charm because it is designed to help your clients and prospects think of people they know who may be your ideal client. This video describes how it works and how to use it.


Whenever you sit down with someone you get into the conversation by bringing up their business. This is easily done by asking them how they get most of their clients. Once they answer say something like:

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Most lawyers include networking as part of their legal marketing plan. This is a good idea but to do it effectively you need to have a strategy. This video touches on how to approach networking and make the most out of it.


Here are three ways to make networking pay off as part of your legal marketing plan:

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Everyone wants more referrals. Very few attorneys incorporate a referral system into their legal marketing plan. There are five simple steps that will help you turn your former clients into sales people who promote your law firm.


The five steps that will help you get more referrals are:

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