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Referrals area a critical component of any attorney marketing plan. There are many different ways to pass a referral to another attorney. Some of them are more effective than others.

The two ways covered in the video include the “in-person Introduction” and the “email introduction” each of these methods is effective however I prefer the in-person introduction whenever possible. The in-person intro conveys the importance of the relationship between you and the client you are referring. It also shows the respect you have for the attorney to whom you are referring the client.

Remember: A referral is a referral only if the person you are sending to the other attorney is ready, willing and able to use his services.

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One of the areas many lawyers struggle with is meeting people and networking. Actually, this is not 100% accurate. The area most lawyers struggle with is meeting INFLUENTIAL people and networking with them.

Below is a rough guide to finding, approaching and networking with influential people in your community.

First: Identifying the influential people.

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Many attorneys dislike it when we recommend networking as part of their law firm marketing plan. They dislike it for a few reasons:

The meetings take up a significant amount of time.

The nature of the meetings make the attorney feel compelled to pass referrals even if he has no opportunity to so do.

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Many people ask me about networking and the role it plays in marketing for lawyers. It can be a significant part of your law firm marketing plan or you can do without it entirely. The choice is yours. I encourage everyone to at least look at the networking groups in your local community and see if there is something that interests you.

There are three different types of networking groups you should be aware of. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at each of them and you can determine which are a good fit for you.

Structured Networking Groups

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Have you ever identified someone you thought would be the perfect client? What happened after you identified them? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to be introduced to that person? Would it be terrific if someone you knew promoted you to this prospective client?

The five points made in the video include:

1).How to get people in your natural network to introduce you to prospective clients.