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There is a common law firm marketing misconception that is pervasive among “old school lawyers”. I am referring to the school of thought that confuses good law firm marketing with people who scream and shout on television or appear in advertisements on the side of a bus or billboard.

Those are forms of advertising which indeed is part of marketing but they are not the most effective marketing vehicles for lawyers and law firms.

This video explains:

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I am thrilled to introduce our latest innovation. We call it the Valtimax Client Orientation System.

This system is designed to help you get clients on board more efficiently while deriving the most value from the relationship.

This video has more detail.

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There are several lawyers out there who claim to be marketing experts. Many of them occupy their law firm marketing role on a part time basis – while they continue to practice law. You need to be very careful if you are thinking about hiring one of these folks. This video explains why.

You wouldn’t go to a part time heart surgeon if you needed bypass surgery. You would not take you dog to a part time vet. You should not trust your marketing to a full time lawyer pretending to be a part time guru.

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Gerry Oginski, an attorney from Great Neck, New York. He has been reading The Rainmaker Lawyer Blog for a while and he was complementary of the content and my position on several law firm marketing issues. I was flattered, humbled and honored by Gerry’s comments. You can only imagine how I felt when I saw the video below posted on his Youtube channel page.


Once again Gerry, I thank you for the kind words.

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Being a sole practitioner or the managing partner of a small law firm can be a lonely role. One of the ways to combat the loneliness is also a great way to commit yourself to lifetime learning for attorneys. This can be done by forming a small group of likeminded people dedicated to individual improvement. This is called a mastermind group. This video explains.


Mastermind groups have some specific advantages. They include: