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Brochures are a Bad Law Firm Marketing Tool

Brochures are bad for law firm marketing for three specific reasons:

1). Most often brochures are about you and your law firm. They are not about the client and his needs. Any time you talk about yourself or your firm with a client, you lose. The client’s issue is always the most important thing on the clients mind. Every piece of your law firm marketing should be focused on the client’s needs.

2). Brochures do not sell. A brochure looks good but like a dim model on the runway, it is all looks and no substance. Your law firm marketing material must work hard for you. If it doesn’t it is worthless. Before you convince the client you are the right attorney for them you must first convince them they need to solve their problem. This means you need to create urgency. Usually, a brochure has no urgency associated with it. It is simply a good looking piece of four color paper folded over.

3). A brochure doesn’t educate your clients or prospective clients. If you want your law firm marketing to be successful it must educate the client on the issues they are currently facing. It must also help the client understand the value of solving this problem and the value of solving it now.

So what law firm marketing tool should you use in place of the evil brochure? This video will help give you some perspective.

You should replace your standard brochure with a guide that will help the prospective client hire the right lawyer. This guide is a great way to introduce your law firm and your services in a nonthreatening way.

Your guide should educate and inform and it should be a reference document as opposed to being a promotional document. Attracting clients means helping them understand the need for your services and convincing them that the timing is right for them to take action. A guide to hiring a lawyer in your area of expertise goes a long way toward educating the client on these facts.

Law firm marketing is educational, creates urgency and is set in the world of the client. A brochure is the exact opposite of these things. This is why a brochure has no place in law firm marketing.

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