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Boost Your Legal Marketing by Creating Your Own Referral Network

There is a little used legal marketing strategy that can help you grow your law firm fast. This strategy is setting up your own referral network. This legal marketing video explains how powerful this can be.

Creating your own referral network allows you to aggressively contact lawyers in practices that do not compete with you and ask them to refer you business. It also provides you with outstanding resources for your clients. Investing in setting up a network like this will always provide a significant return.

Here is how it could work:

Let’s say you are a probate attorney and you graduated from Hudson University School of Law in 1996. You could start the network by inviting all the law school graduates who from that year to an event. At the event you announce that you are forming a referral network and you invite everyone to apply. You then have them fill out a simple application and you interview everyone. You select people you believe would be a good fit for the network (who are not probate attorneys). You then repeat the process with lawyers in your local chamber of commerce and your local bar association, etc., etc.
Forming your own referral network is a fantastic legal marketing strategy that people in every practice area can use to their advantage.

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