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Big Lies From Lawyers Who Become Attorney Marketing Gurus

At last count there were 15 people promoting themselves as attorney marketing experts who were lawyers at one time or are currently lawyers. Some of these folks offer marketing advice on a part time basis and some of them have quit the practice of law altogether.

The recession has these faux marketers coming out of the woodwork. Legal work drying up? Go become a law firm marketing expert. Can’t hack it as a lawyer? Teach other lawyers how to get clients.

These people look for unsuspecting lawyers, mostly in small or solo law firms, and they con them into forking over their hard earned money for attendance at a few events each year and some conference calls.

There is little one-on-one interaction with the Guru. There is little customization to the advice they dispense. It is a one-size-fits-all approach also known as “pitch ’em and ditch ’em”.

You need to be careful because many of these folks are cunning. They will use whatever they have at their disposal to get you to sign up with them. They think the fact that they have a law license and a story to tell is just the right catnip to lure you in. Don’t fall for it.

Why am I warning you about these characters? After all, isn’t it better to just live and let live? Isn’t there enough business for everyone?

Quite frankly, there should be enough business for everybody. Although I am a law firm marketing consultant, and I coach some lawyers in a one-on-one setting, I am expensive. I charge $10,000 for a day of consulting work, and that is if the client comes to my office. So in most cases, I am not going to compete with the “conference call coaching program for lawyers”.

But I do have a problem with lawyers conning other lawyers in the name of law firm marketing. It gives me yet another obstacle to overcome when I meet someone. A lot of lawyers will mention one of these faux marketers and they will tell me a story of how they were conned into subscribing to a conference call of the month program and went to a pitch ’em and ditch ’em event and got taken for a lot of money.

I made the video below to help you uncover the charlatans who are out there looking to take your money. It gives you just three of the many lies these folks will tell in order to get your business.

Here are the big lies attorney marketers will tell to get your money:

Double Your Income in Twelve Months or Less

This is a sneaky little lie because if you are making very little money, you can double your income in a short period of time. The truth is that good marketing takes time. Good marketing is work. Good marketing requires building systems. But that is not sexy. Nobody is going to tell you to work hard and you will get rich. People don’t want to hear that.

The Magic Bullet

Nobody has a ONE magic bullet that can help you grow your law firm. There are good, solid systems that will help your get off to a fast start. There are great habits you can develop that will help you become a great attorney marketer. But there is no magic bullet that will fix your law firm.

Only a Lawyer Knows Law Firm Marketing

This is a terrible lie. In fact, lawyers are the worst people to ever ask for advice about building a law firm. Why? Think about it. Do you have to go to a doctor who HAS A DISEASE to cure you?

Think about the reason these people are taking on this part time job. How good could they be at growing their own law firm? If they have quit practicing law, ask them why?

If you want marketing help, go to a marketing expert. Go to someone who has developed good marketing for many different businesses. After all, isn’t your law firm different from the law firm down the street? Go to someone who knows more about marketing than the average lawyer who bought a “Bootcamp in a box” DVD set.

Hey, you are an adult. You are a lawyer. Do your research. Interview all the Gurus before you hire them. Don’t hire me if you can’t afford to or if I don’t fit your personal style. That’s totally fine. But don’t hire some faux lawyer marketer just because he talks a good game.

Do your homework. There are some legitimate law firm marketing experts out there but you may run through a bunch of charlatans before you find a good one.

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