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Beware The Lawyer Turned Law Firm Marketing Expert

There are a number of lawyers out there who supplement their income by working part time as law firm marketing experts (like Tupperware salespeople). There are also lawyers out there who couldn’t cut it as lawyers and now profess to be experts at law firm marketing. Finally, there are retired lawyers who are teaching lawyers about marketing as a way to supplement their income.

No matter what they call themselves, you need to do careful due diligence on ANY law firm marketing expert before you hire him. You need to be particularly wary of anyone who gave up a career working in The Law and now professes to be an expert. How can they teach you to do what they were unable to accomplish.

This video provides you with five questions to ask before you engage a former/current/part time lawyer to help you with law firm marketing.

I would love to tell you that lawyers make the best law firm marketing experts but they don’t. The best law firm marketing experts tend to be people who are experts in marketing and who immersed themselves in the law and embrace it as their focus.

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