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Barriers To Effective Law Firm Marketing

If you have your sights set on making a great living and living a great life as a lawyer, it’s likely there are market place barriers standing in your way. However, the mental barriers holding you back may be just as strong, if not stronger. Most attorneys underestimate the power these mental barriers can have over your ability to develop new business.

Here are the four most common mental barriers attorneys face when it comes to law firm marketing:

Developing a Marketing Mindset: Learning how to self promote and sell your services is difficult enough. When you add the stogy old school culture that decries “just be a good lawyer and the clients will come” you have the recipe for a mindset that will lead to business prevention instead of business development.

This is best combated by embracing the fact that your law firm is a business and it must be operated as such. New clients are the lifeblood of any business. If you can’t source them and convince them to hire you, you will be out of business quickly.

Developing Confidence in your Ability: Confidence in your ability to perform is important. If you do not believe you are the best lawyer for the client then you should not be sitting in front of them.

If you do believe you are the best lawyer for the client, then you have an obligation to let them know it. And you also have an obligation to do everything possible to convince them to use your services. If they settle for someone else, they will not be getting the best representation.

Presenting the Value You Can Provide to the Client: If you can provide the client with extraordinary value for their investment, you need to tell them. The trouble is, many lawyers don’t know how to create value much less demonstrate it.
Your obligation in this area is simple: First make a list of all the possible ways your services can benefit your client. Next assign a dollar amount to the savings. Total up the savings from each initiative and present it to the client. When this is compared to the cost of your services, the investment will seem negligible.

Lack of Ability to Emotionally Engage the Client: Most lawyers like to follow and present fact patterns. This is just the way they are. Clients find this dull and uninteresting.

As an attorney hoping to develop a relationship with a client, you need to be emotionally engaging. You need to help people understand that you feel their pain. They have to be able to make a connection with you before they will consider hiring you. Law firm marketing should be emotionally engaging.

This video provides more detail.


When it comes to law firm marketing, most lawyers are in their own way far more than the competition or clients are in their way.

Focus on removing these four internal barriers to success and you will notice a dramatic increase in the amount of clients you retain. Fighting through your mental barriers can be difficult but it is worth the effort because happiness lies on the other side.

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