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Bad Law Firm Marketing Can Get You Fired

Can bad law firm marketing get you fired?


The number one reason lawyers get fired is lack of communication. At its core, law firm marketing is about communication. So yes, bad law firm marketing can get you fired.

Setting expectations at the outset of an engagement is critical to the success of that engagement. Since most lawyers want to be successful, I thought it would be helpful to discuss how to set and manage client expectations and during an engagement.

First: Have a Conversation with the Client Up Front

You must explain the rules you follow in operating your law firm. When you accept phone calls, how quickly you call back, what the best way to ask a question is (email, phone, etc.).

Next: Set up regular telephone meetings. In cases that are expected to last a long time, you may want to have a phone call scheduled once or twice each month. In fast moving matters you may schedule a phone call weekly or even daily. The key is to schedule them.

Finally: Set up an agenda for your phone calls. Even if it is just a couple of bullet points you should have some kind of structure to your interaction. This will help you keep on track and it will give you a record of your conversation (of you include a recap of your last conversation in with your agenda).

It is amazing what one well timed phone call can do for a relationship.

It is critically important for the attorney to effectively manage the communication process when working with a client. It is always best to error on the side of being proactive. Consider this a continuation of the law firm marketing process. You now need to manage the client’s expectations and convince them to be an active part of their matter.

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