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Attorney Marketing Time and Money

Most attorneys have an obsession over hours. They are concerned about the hours they bill. They are concerned about their hourly rate. They are concerned about the number of hours they spend in the office each day. With this obsession over hours, you would think it would naturally carry through to their marketing.

Think about it. You attend a networking event with no objective and no expectation of results. You spend hours working on getting the color of your brochures correct. You spend hours and hours working on your biography.

You have spent all of this time on marketing and you have no direct results to show for your efforts. This video will help emphasize the point.

Everything you do and every hour you spend, from a marketing standpoint, should produce a return on investment.

If you spend three hours working on a magazine article you should get reprints made and send them to your best clients. That mailing should include a call to action. You should be able to measure the business that comes from that mailing.

If you attend a networking event, you should have a desired outcome in mind. You should have at least three targeted people you would like to meet. After you leave you should have a follow up plan for how you will keep in touch with those people.

The bottom line in attorney marketing is: If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.

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