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Attorney Marketing Intensity

We have talked about incorporating attorney marketing into your daily routine and we have talked about doing one last thing at the end of the day to make sure you attract clients. But one issue we have not addressed is your marketing intensity.

Think about marketing as being similar to working out in a gym. If you went to the gym and lackadaisically lifted weights you would not really get great results. But if you went to the gym and really gave a 100% effort you would get fantastic results from your workout.

The same principle is true with marketing. If you give 100% effort all the time with your law firm marketing you will get great results. If you give a half-hearted effort you will get crappy results. If you would like to see three specific examples of attorney marketing with intensity, check out this video featuring Dave Lorenzo, The Law Firm Marketing Expert.

Three examples included in this video are:

Networking: This becomes intense when you set goals for your networking event and you meet them by meeting the right people.

Blogging: Your blog becomes intense when you write articles from the client’s perspective and you help the client solve a problem. Educating the client in a blog article is a great way to dial up the intensity in your marketing.

Follow-Up: Most people never follow-up. You increase your marketing intensity when you follow up with people relentlessly. Keep in touch with everyone you meet because you never know when you will come into contact with a potential client of referral source.

Attorney marketing intensity separates good law firms from great law firms. If you do not have focus and intensity then you better be careful because your clients may be talking to your competitors.

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