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Attorney Marketing: Frequency of Communication

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is: How often should an attorney marketing his firm communicate with his clients? This video answers that critical attorney marketing question and a few others.

Frequency of communication builds trust. You cannot over communicate AS LONG AS what you have to say is interesting to your audience (in this case clients or prospective clients). Most often, I am asked about frequency of communication in attorney marketing as it relates to: Blog posting, email messages and newsletters. Here are my thoughts on best practices for each attorney marketing method:

Blog Posts

If your blog posts are interesting and brief (500 words or less) the best practice is to post several times per week (everyday is great). Note that I said best practice. Once a week is fine if that is all you can fit into your schedule.

The thinking behind the daily posting is that it will help your search engine optimization. Search engines love frequently updated content. Better SEO means more visitors which should mean more potential clients.


If you are doing an electronic newsletter, I recommend sending it out weekly. Remember, the content must be interesting to the reader. You must also offer an “opt out” in every email. This way people who don’t want to hear from you can get off your email list. An electronic newsletter (or simple email) should be sent weekly as part of a good attorney marketing campaign.

Print Newsletter

Attorney marketing campaigns should always include a print newsletter. This should be sent out each month, like clockwork. People who you can’t reach by email will appreciate the print version and it has great pass-along-value.

Please keep in mind that the frequency of your communication is never going to be a problem as long as your content is interesting and engaging. Boring information will be ignored regardless of how often it is sent. Step up the frequency of your communication and you will greatly improve your attorney marketing.

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