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Attorney Marketing Free Internet Tips

There are lots of search engine optimization gurus out there who would have you pay a small fortune to get your website on to the first page of Google. And while this is terrific, if you can afford it, there are also three other ways to get some great leads from the Internet, for free.

Here are the three ways to be found in an online search:

Google Places

This used to be called Google Local. These are the listings that come up on the map when you search for something on Google. One of the great things that Google is doing is pulling in all of the reviews and evaluations from other services – like AVVO and Yelp. So if you have a testimonial posted about you on any of those services, it will show up here as well. In addition, it appears that testimonials will help you rank highly in Google Places.

The best way to leverage this service for your law firm is to make sure you profile is completely set up and filled out. Then add some photos and videos. I would also do a sponsored link on your profile (this is a little yellow tag highlighting something your law firm offers. Finally, ask all your clients to write a review about your service and post it directly onto your Google Places profile.


This is an online review website that is dedicated mostly to consumer-based businesses. However that should not stop you from setting up a profile for your law firm and encouraging people to write reviews for you.

Yelp search results will often rank high in Google so having a well optimized profile is something that is important.


Most attorneys are familiar with LinkedIn. The majority of them feel that it is an online resume. But that is only part of the power of this platform. You can also link to other attorneys and pass referrals between cities. LinkedIn makes you a global referral partner.

LinkedIn also includes a testimonial feature. It is definitely a good idea to have people who know you, like you and trust you fill out these testimonials.

All of these services are absolutely free of charge and they can work wonders for your online presence. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Note: Please check with your local regulatory body before undertaking any specific testimonial building campaign. In some states it may be illegal for lawyers to request testimonials.

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