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Attorney Marketing and the Timing of Your Message

Getting your message across is a critical element of attorney marketing. The construction of your message is important but the timing of that message is also vital to the success of your law firm. This video describes WHEN you should deliver your message to your audience of prospective clients.

Keep in mind that as prepare to deliver your message (either in writing, in person or via electronic media) you should focus on only making one point at a time. This is the meaning of the phrase: Stay on message. You want to keep the focus on one message and one message only at any given time.

Here is how you can time your message so it is given every opportunity to reach its desired audience and have the desired result:

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

You want to repeat your message at least seven times to ensure that it is heard, absorbed and understood. Most people do not listen well. Repetition does more than just make sure people hear you. Repetition helps the subconscious mind of the listener become familiar with your message. Familiarity helps increase trust and believability. Repeat your message a minimum of seven times to your audience. You will be glad you did.

Be First

You want to get your message out early. Make sure you are the first person to introduce any information to your potential clients. People will often believe the first thing they hear. They will also often remember the first thing they hear and forget everything else. So you need to get out there and be first.

Be Recent

People will often remember the last thing they here before they make a decision. If you can get your message in front of someone immediately before they make a decision you have a strong chance of persuading them.

To sum up: Repeat your message at least seven times. Get your message out first. Be the last person your potential client hears before a decision is made. The timing of your message is critical to your success in attorney marketing.

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