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Attorney Marketing and Four Relationships

There are four relationships that are of critical importance to attorney marketing. Each of them are critical in their own right, but when you look at them together you realize that these four relationships impact every aspect of your working life.

These four relationships are:

  • Your relationship with Time
  • Your relationship with Money
  • Your relationship with Clients
  • Your relationship with Yourself

This video (which has implications beyond attorney marketing) provides some detail.

There are two important points to consider in your relationship with time:

1). Time is a perishable commodity. You will never get back the hour you wasted.
2). You must respect it. The minute you become careless with your time, you become careless with your money and your interpersonal relationships.

The two points to consider about money:

1). Focus on value and not on cost. Something that provides a return is more valuable than any price tag.
2). Eliminate guilt about money. Do not feel bad about spending money. That is why you make it. Money is a means to an end.

A couple of points about client relationships:

1). You must set expectations for client interaction. You cannot get angry with a client for inaction if they did not know you wanted them to take action.
2). You must be willing to hold your clients accountable. The customer is not always right.

Finally, a couple of points about your relationship with yourself:

1). You provide a great deal of value yet you probably do not charge a fee commensurate with that value. Make sure you know how much value you provide to your clients.
2). Have confidence in your ability. If you do not believe in yourself nobody else will believe in you. Be confident and be bold.

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