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Attorney Advertising Can Be Effective and Ethical

Most advertising is terrible. Attorney advertising is notoriously bad. It is so bad, in fact, that every state has a regulatory body that oversees its implementation. This video provides us with a couple of examples of advertising that makes attorneys look bad and is probably not very effective.

As an alternative to this kind of ridiculous, ethically questionable advertising, I recommend attorneys take a proactive approach toward marketing. Here are a few ideas, specifically related to traffic infractions (as described in the video):

Volunteer in the Community

You can benefit greatly from becoming well known in the community. Volunteer for as many community organizations as possible. If you are known as someone who cares about the people in the area, you will be the first call for just about any traffic infraction. People trust others when they see them frequently. They distrust people who appear opportunistic.

Establish Relationships with Influential People

Attorneys who work with the public should volunteer to speak to small, local groups. Venues like Rotary Clubs, houses of worship and social organizations are excellent educational opportunities. They will help you find the influential people within the community. (They are also great ways to grow your mailing list.) Mailing your newsletter to people in the local community (particularly community leaders) is a great way to increase your referrals.

Market to Other Attorneys

Other attorneys love to have referral options when they are presented with a matter that is not in their practice area. This allows them to service the person who called and it establishes a referral relationship with another attorney. The marketing dollars the traffic attorneys in the video are spending can be better spent by marketing directly to attorneys who don’t handle traffic tickets.

The approach highlighted in the video is unflattering to the legal profession. It is also expensive and its effectiveness is open to debate. Before you spend your money on this type of advertising, think of ways to reach the same audience with an ethical, cost effective approach.

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