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10 Reasons to Send a Hand Written Note

One of the most powerful attorney marketing techniques in existence today has been around for a long time. Believe it or not, the hand written note can have as powerful an impact as your website, advertising or almost any other form of marketing. Many attorneys have a hard time finding a reason to send a hand written note to someone. This video helps you solve that problem.

The 10 reasons to send a hand written note include:

Thank you. Saying thank you for anything is always a great reason to write someone a note and drop it in the mail. People love to be thanked and you can never go wrong doing it.

Congratulations. Promotions. Engagements. Marriage. Doing a good job. Appearing in the media. There are dozens of reasons to congratulate someone. Find one and send a note.

Nice Seeing You. Bumping into someone at an event (or even on the street) is a great reason to send them a note.

Thinking of you. If you happened to remember something that happened a few years ago and you think of it fondly, let the people involved in that event know you are thinking of them.

Miss you. If a client stopped using your services, sending them a note saying you miss them is a powerful way to try to reestablish that relationship.

Let’s Have Lunch. A note with an invitation to lunch is always well received. It is a great way to reach a hard-to-reach prospective client.

Let’s Catch Up. Want someone to speak to someone? Write them a note telling them you’d love to catch up with them. This gives them a reason to call you.

Introduction. If you want to introduce yourself to someone, a hand written not is a great way to break the ice.

Announcement of something new. If you have a new office, new partner, new anything, send a hand written note to someone you have not spoken with in a while, inviting them to come over and see what’s new.

No reason at all. Write a note to someone for no reason at all. Send them a handwritten note with a joke or an article you read. You will make their day and they will remember you.

There are probably dozens of additional reasons to spend five minutes writing a not to someone. It should be an important part of your attorney marketing efforts. If you do write just one note each day, you will deepen over 300 relationships each year. Those could be with clients, potential clients or referral sources. Pick up a pen and get started.

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