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Many attorneys tell me that direct mail doesn’t work for legal marketing. I believe this is true FOR THOSE ATTORNEYS. However there is a way to ethically use direct mail to enhance your legal marketing plan.

This process is called a reciprocal mailing strategy.

Here is a summary of how a reciprocal mailing strategy works:

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There is one quality a lawyer can possess that is more valuable than all others when it comes to law firm marketing. That quality is an action orientation. Many attorneys will talk about things they want to do or they will talk about things they are going to do but when it comes time for action, they do not step up and get those things done.

If you are serious about law firm marketing you must make an effort to accomplish something every day. Even the smallest tasks, if assembled into a system, can have a big impact on your ability to attract clients.

This video helps anyone interested in law firm marketing understand the value of having an action orientation.

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There is a common law firm marketing misconception that is pervasive among “old school lawyers”. I am referring to the school of thought that confuses good law firm marketing with people who scream and shout on television or appear in advertisements on the side of a bus or billboard.

Those are forms of advertising which indeed is part of marketing but they are not the most effective marketing vehicles for lawyers and law firms.

Law firm marketing is about building relationships with clients through education. Only a small percentage of attorneys understand this but those who do are certain to be successful.

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Earned media also known as public relations plays a key role in legal marketing. Being quoted in the newspaper or in a magazine as an expert is a phenomenal way to boost your credibility and enhance your visibility. If you would like to enhance your ability to be quoted in the media you need to establish relationships with reporters, editors and producers.

We have more ways to contact members of the media today then we ever did before. The media can be your best friend when it comes to building a reputation. Reach out to members of the media and offer your services in providing expert “background information”.

Starting a relationship as someone who can be a resource for them is a great way to stay on top of their mind. If you provide them with great insight and information they will remember you when it comes time to feature you in a story.

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If you own a law firm you have a responsibility to make money.

You read that correctly. If you are a law firm owner, you are required to make money or you will be out of business.

As a lawyer you are part of a profession. You have professional responsibility. You must adhere to a code of ethics. But if you own your own law firm you must also live up to your responsibility as a business owner.

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I am thrilled to introduce our latest innovation. We call it the Valtimax Client Orientation System.

This system is designed to help you get clients on board more efficiently while deriving the most value from the relationship.

The Valtimax Client Orientation system is an excellent tool to a law firm marketing plan as well as a law firm strategic plan.

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If you have any desire to sell your law firm and make a profit you must have a strategy in place that will facilitate building equity in the firm.

This goes beyond law firm marketing. This is about planning for the future and aligning your short term goals with long term goals.

Here are the four things to focus on when looking to build equity in your law firm:

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If you want to attract more clients as a lawyer you need to keep you communications messages simple. Do not try to dazzle people with your brilliant command of big words. Make sure you are easy to understand.

Really intelligent people can break difficult concepts down into easy to understand messages. You should strive to master that skill.

If you make things easy to understand, you will get hired more often.

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone who was more focused on their Blackberry or iPhone than they were on you?

Your clients have had this experience…with you!

If someone has taken the time to come to a meeting with you alone or with you and a group of people, you owe it to them to “be in the room” which means, well, watch this video:

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